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A transplant is a new beginning.

We are committed to improving transplant patient outcomes through innovative, noninvasive testing solutions and services throughout the entire patient journey.

Job Opportunities

Interested in a role in industry? CareDx is looking for Medical Directors for Heart and Lung Transplantation. The roles will help shape our clinical development programs and educate healthcare providers on the science and data supporting our products. See below to learn more.

Featured Video

KOAR 1000 Pop-up

An Early Snapshot of the Kidney Allograft Outcomes AlloSure Registry (KOAR)

Watch Dr. Stan Jordan from Cedars-Sinai Medical Center present initial findings from the first 1000 patients of KOAR (Kidney Outcomes with AlloSure Registry) at ATC 2021, and learn how AlloSure:
  1. Accurately discriminates rejection from no-rejection in surveillance and for-cause use, allowing for earlier intervention
  2. Enables optimization of biopsies
  3. One-year graft survival was excellent in patients managed with AlloSure surveillance over the UNOS comparator
  4. Accurately identified subclinical rejection
ATC Sessions

CareDx – Leading in Innovation at ATC 2021!

Missed our sessions at ATC 2021? Please click on the below links to view.

Sunday, June 6th (1:30-2:30PM ET) CareDx Satellite Symposium #1

AlloSure: dd-cfDNA Utility Beyond Kidney Transplantation

Leaders within heart, lung, and liver transplantation will share the value AlloSure offers to their respective spaces. View

Monday, June 7th (1:30-2:30PM ET) CareDx Satellite Symposium #2

Advancing Care in Kidney Transplantation — Groundbreaking Findings from the ADMIRAL and KOAR Studies

Six transplant experts will speak about how AlloSure continues to revolutionize care for kidney transplant recipients. View

Video Library

AlloSure with Steven Potter
Dr. Weir TCMR1A
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On-Demand Webinars

CEoT Symposium on AlloSure Surveillance and Relative Change Value

70 min View

ASTS Winter Meeting CareDx Symposium: Challenging Cases within Transplantation

47 min View

ASTS Winter Meeting CareDx Symposium: Optimizing Transplant Patient Care

51 min View


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